Review No.150 Coming Soon!… I hope.

A dilemma is afoot…

So I’ve had a film planned to be review No.150 for a while now. It’s a fairly obscure work from the late 70s with a quite unique premise. Obviously I want the review to be a surprise. I’ll give you one clue, the film was so obscure/terrible that the director actually forgot he had made it. How he forgot he had made this film I’ll never know. You’ll ask that question too when I get the review up. When that will be though I am unsure of. See, I’ve hit a little snag. I had to import a copy of this film on DVD from the US. Ordered it on July 1st, and it was dispatched the next day. Obviously importing a film from the US takes time but I had my fingers crossed that it would arrive here in time. Well I posted review 149 yesterday and so far no US dvds have come in the mail. Which is doubly worrying because I have 2 Batman films coming from the same people.

So I have a tenuous plan in effect. Obviously I want review No.150 to be a little special. It has to be something different. Trouble is I have a deadline for my next review which is next Friday’s release of The Dark Knight Rises. SO, if the film I have ordered doesn’t arrive by then The Dark Knight Rises will become review No.150. In the meantime I am going to watch and write up my reviews for the remaining Batman films in my Batman season and have them saved and ready for posting. If this film arrives in the post I will get it watched and reviewed as soon as I can and then post these saved reviews. If it fails to arrive before The Dark Knight Rises I will review that film and then post the other Batman reviews after.

Hopefully film No.150 will arrive soon, I see no reason why it should take longer than 2 weeks. That said I never received my signed screenplay of Super I won from James Gunn. Although we’ve exchanged messages and it seems to have been lost in the post. I’m not gonna cause a fuss about it, these things happen. James Gunn is still a dude in my eyes. Anyway, I promise this review will not be one you expect. Unless you’re one of the handful of people to whom I have told what film I’m reviewing. If you look at the films I reviewed for numbers 50, 100 and the Film Dumps first birthday (MK: Annihilation, Troll 2 and The Avengers… the Uma Thurman one) you may be able to see a pattern in what sort of films I select for these milestones. Would be a shame to review an actual good film for the 150th one.

So, Fingers crossed…


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