Oz The Great And Powerful Trailer. It Looks Really Quite Great.

Well it’s time for trailers to start coming out of the San Diego Comic Con. First up is Oz The Great And Powerful from Sam Raimi and starring James Franco. Was not expecting something this visually varied from Raimi but I guess I should have known better. I love how it switches from a 4:3 ratio black & white image to a vibrant full colour widescreen sterescopic eyegasm. One thing that caught my eye was objects leaping out of the edges of the screen for 3D moments. I’ve been saying that something similar would have a great effect in 3D for some time. Will be interesting to see how well it works here. My idea was based around THAT famous scene from The Ring. I figured it would add an extra level of scare if the whole film was presented in a false ratio and when Sadako comes out the TV she keeps crawling forwards and then puts her hand over the edge of the frame giving the effect of literally coming out of the screen. Bet they don’t do that in The Ring 3D. Anyway, click the link for the Oz trailer and for a retro style trailer for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.

The Oz scenes do look a little bit like the Burton Alice In Wonderland… that has me concerned. Seaking of Tim Burton here’s that retro trailer for Frankenweenie which looks like being one of the better Tim Burton films in recent years. Last one I moderately enjoyed was Sweeney Todd. Before that Big Fish. He’s not been that great in recent years.

There’s gonna be more trailers over the next few days. Personally I’m waiting for the Man Of Steel trailer. Hopefully though we’ll get a first look at Star Trek 2 and a new trailer for Dredd. It’s getting some very good reviews today.


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