Who Wants A 13 Minute Preview Of The Dark Knight Rises?

Well this is turning out to be a busy evenings posting for me. Posted a Robocop remake teaser, a review for the 1966 Batman movie and now a 13 minute long preview of The Dark Knight Rises. Word coming out of the first preview is that the film is astounding. I’m certainly loving the sheer scale of the shoot. Can’t think of any modern films that have organised such large scale live shoots without resorting to effects. 11,000 extras were utilised in one of the scenes for example. Apparently it even got a standing ovation at its first screening the other night. Gonna be booking my ticket to see it on release day soon. For now this 13 minute preview should get you suitably hyped up. Tom Hardy’s reaction to seeing Bale in the Batman costume is a nerdy high point. Click the Bat-link!

Sploosh, basically.


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Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished. View all posts by lvl54spacemonkey

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