Trailer Park Thursday’s Sci-Fi Spectacular Edition!

Quite a nice image that. Apparently it is a public domain image some anonymous guy made. Talented man whoever he is. Anyway, two awesome (Opinions may vary) Sci-Fi trailers got posted last night so they’re gonna be the subject of this weeks Trailer Park. First up is the Colin Farrell starring Total Recall remake. I reviewed the original a short time ago and actually have something resembling high hopes for this remake. The second trailer is for Looper starring Joseph Gorden-Levitt as Bruce Willis! It’s kinda like The Kid but in reverse and with more guns. I’ll dig up something retro too. Click the link yo!

So first up is Total Recall. Wasn’t sure with the last trailer what direction this was taking but it appears to have come together with this one. What it looks like to me is the first act will follow the original book We Will Remember It For You Wholesale as the original film will, but after that it’s taking an alternate route through the story. Looks like there’s no sign of Mars and no alien secret to uncover. It does look like it’s gonna borrow a little too much from the 1990 film though. Would have been nice to see them really do their own story but Hollywood isn’t known for being brave these days. Still, the trailer here is presented with a hell of a lot of action and some pretty flashy visuals. Also is Michael ironside’s character now a robot?

Next up is Looper which needs to be on your radar. the concept is so cool it would be an injustice to smart sci-fi to ignore. Basically JGL is a hitman who lives a while before time travel is invented. His clients are from the future and they send him back anonymous targets to his time who he promptly kills and disposes of. No trailer of evidence in the future means these people just vanish. He gets on with his job like any good hitman would until one target proves to be a little troublesome, mostly because it’s him in 30 years. Also in 30 years he’s gonna be Bruce Willis. If JGL doesn’t grow up to be Bruce Willis I’m gonna be disappointed.

Well I could only find one classic Sci-fi film trailer worthy of showing tonight. Well I found a few but then I remembered Star Crash… a film that’s totally not a Star Wars knock off. I might be drunk but I seem to remember David Hasselhoff having a small part in this. Anyway, enjoy the trailer because you like Star Wars right, then you’ll LOVE Star Crash!!!

Reviews coming soon will involve a lot more Batman movies with Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker up next. There will be a few mild interruptions to the Batman fest though as I have Tokyo Story and Real Steel to watch. Plus I’ll try to go see The Totes Amazeballs Spider-Dude at some point this week.


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