That Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2: Electric Boogaloo Trailer Is Here

I don’t know why I’m posting this trailer. Maybe it’s the headache I have. Maybe it’s because I’m in a bad mood knowing that I have to watch Batman & Robin soon. It can’t be a shameless attempt to get hits on the site because my trailer posts are consistently the lowest viewed items. Maybe it’s just because I don’t “get” this. I’ve not seen the films or read the books but I’ve gone over loads and loads of descriptions, many by Twilight fans themselves, and I cannot fathom it all. From what I gather Bella is a repressed teenager who decides within seconds of meeting a guy who won’t stop staring at her that she wants to devote every second of the rest of her life to this guy. At one point this mentally disabled girl decides that the only way to win him over is to attempt suicide. Meanwhile a tan dude takes his shirt off as a reaction to everything. Oh and that birthing scene… yeah read that chapter of the book. Gee, I wonder if someone didn’t enjoy child birth? Anyway, after the jump is the trailer for the final… for now… instalment of the Twilight movie franchise where it appears Bella might actually become a proactive character. Maybe…

“We’re the same temperature now” Really? Well done movie! I’m handing you the Oscar for best screenplay now! That’s some top quality dialogue you gots there.

ugh… could be worse. They could be making a Fifty Shades Of Grey film. They are? Oh gawd. I read some of the book and man, it’s like it was written by a 14 year old. Sad fact is it was a Twilight erotic Fanfic written by an adult woman who’s at least in her late 30s. Loads of people are going on about Brett Easton Ellis saying he wants to write the script. I have to believe that he was taking the piss and the joke was lost on the simple minded fans of the books.

So, now that I’ve successfully got rid of any female readers of the site, who wants to watch something manly instead?



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