Drokk Me! It’s A Trailer For Dredd!!!

Dredd, as in the Judge, is coming to cinemas in September and only now is a trailer coming to the surface. You’d think that would be cause for concern but word is that people raved about the screening held at Cannes. When you keep in mind that that screening was reportedly in a boiling room lacking air con and that no-one left it kinda makes you wonder why they’ve been so late to start the promo work. I’d imagine it’s because this film is being done on the relative cheap. The world of Judge Dredd is a big and very complex one to pull off in film. What they’ve done here with a relatively small $30milliom budget is base their Mega City One as a near future design. So less extra work on actual locations and they can keep all the flashy stuff in the skylines. The trailer looks pretty dark and gritty evoking the mood more than the look of the comics. I think it’s looking a fair bit better than the Stallone film, which I actually kinda enjoy in a perverse way. Anyway, click the link for the trailer!

This post is pretty much replacing my usual Trailer Park Thursday post this week so I’ll chuck in a few bonus trailers. Here’s a trailer for an interesting documentary called Sellebrity. It’s about the relationship between celebrities and their public via the paparazzi that, in my opinion, illegally stalk and harass them on a daily basis. For some reason those cretinous vultures and purveyors of trash believe that the public have a right to know what Jennifer Aniston has been doing in the privacy of their own home. I think some celebrities should get together and start climbing over the walls of photographers and seeing what they get up to in their spare time. If it’s legal for a paparazzi to do that then what’s to stop anyone with a camera doing it to them.

And here’s this weeks retro trailer, a slightly different take on the trailer for the 1995 Judge Dredd movie.

I’ll be starting my Batman review season soon. That is gonna be one long trudge but it’s gonna be worth it. If only because I’ll never have to watch Batman & Robin ever again.


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