Trailer No.4 for The Dark Knight Rises Is Right Here!!!

Well here it is. The last full trailer before The Dark Knight Rises finally gets it’s Cinema release next month. It’s quite a trailer too Much more action and drama focused than any of the previous ones. I’m really liking what I see. I just love that in this day and age, a time where everything is in 3D on digital prints and focused on gags and pop culture references, that we’re getting a Batman film shot on film, in glorious 2D and focused entirely on a dramatic story. The Dark Knight, which I’ll be covering in the coming weeks. is a modern crime epic that just so happens to have a guy dressed as a bat fighting a clown in it. This is looking like the scale has been bumped up even further. just look at all those people in the riot shots. Well, click the link to see the trailer and post comments below!!

Well what do ya’ll think? I’m stoked for it, yes I used the word “stoked”, and can’t wait to see it when it gets it’s UK release.

EDIT: Had to post a new link to the trailer because the last got removed. Guess Warner aren’t ready for you to see it yet. Post a comment if this gets removed again. I’ll try to keep an eye on it though.

EDIT EDIT: Had to post another version of the trailer. Comment if this one vanishes please.


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