Trailer Park Thursdays: Murderin’ Time Edition

Not done a trailer park for a few weeks but this week I have come across two hum dingers of a doozey type… erm… good trailers. First up is Gangster Squad Starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling. Second is the new William Friedkin film Killer Joe. After that I guess I’ll find something that fits the bill for a retro trailer of the week!

So here’s Ganster Squad which pretty much looks like a modern take on The Untouchables. Looks quite stylish, quite gritty and quite violent. I like violence me. Only thing I don’t like? That Jay-Z song. Seriously… rap does not make this sort of film look better. These are gangsters, not ganstas. On the plus side Robert Patrick is sporting some impressive facial hair here…

Next up is Killer Joe starring the star of Tiptoes Matthew McConaughey. Check I’ve spelt that surname correcctly… and I have. The film has a NC-17 rating in the US which will liekly mean next to no cinemas will be showing it. Which is pretty frigging pathetic if you ask me. I don’t get how, just cos a movie is meant for someone over 18, it can be considered bad to be showing. I can’t keep count of the amount of times I’ve read a forum post by some American guy complaining that he doesn’t want to see a NC-17 because they’re pretty much porn or something. These are probably the same people that complain that most films are PG-13 now. Grow up. If you love film you accept the content. Plus if enough people go see NC-17s then the cinemas will show them. Also the US needs to get rid of the MPAA. It’s pretty much having the same crippling effect on artistic freedom that the Hayes Production Code had in the 40s, 50s and early 60s.

Now here’s a random one. It’s Kevin Costner’s Mr Brooks. Not heard of it? That’s because it came out before Dexter made serial killers cool and kinda got swept under the carpet. Quite a decent film though. Check it out.

Coming up on The Film Dump over the next week will/should be reviews of Sucker Punch and Conan The Barbarian (2011 version I’m afraid) also I may finally finish watching Mark Cousin’s epic 15 hour documentary film The Story Of Film: An Odyssey. Yep, 15 hours. Got 3 to go. It’s very very good by the way.


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