Brand new Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!!!

You may have notice I’ve not been doing Trailer Park Thursdays recently. The reason is because the recent trailer releases haven’t been that big and when it comes to the actual biggest of the bigs I give them their own post. Basically I’m going with the philosophy of less padding but more meat. If that’s a phrase. If not, then I just coined it and I expect 2p every time someone uses it. Anyway, here’s a trailer for The Amazing Spider-man courtesy of MovieclipsCOMINGSOON from Youtubes.

Now what to say about this trailer. Nice to hear music that isn’t either orchestral or the dreaded dubstep here. Some of the lines at the start almost sound like he’s had a few run ins with super villains before the film starts, but surely he can’t if this is an origin… unless it’s partially a flashback. Meh. Who’s the guy talking to Doc Conners in what appears to be a cell? They’ve got loads of blue stuff all over the shop near the end which suggests Lizardman’s scheme involves spreading his chemical stuff all over New York to turn its citizens into lizard folk. Not particularly original if that’s the case. Also means that underwhelming money shot of the radio mast collapsing that they keep focusing the end of the trailers around is likely at the films finale.

Can you tell I’m not too hyped for this. I reckon Andrew Garfield will be fine as Parker but this just doesn’t look fun, at all. It’s a retread of a story we’ve already had on screen not that long ago. It looks like it is trying to be dark and moody to fit in with the angsty hero motif that worked for Batman Begins, except that generally a lighter tone is more popular, as proven by The Avengers. Captain Stacey is clearly there to fill a role J Jonah Jameson would have fitted, but I’m sure they didn’t put JJJ in the film to avoid retreading too much. I just don’t think this looks like it’ll gel together. i could be quite wrong though. The original trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean were awful, as were the trailers for Tangled, and both turned out to be very enjoyable fun films. This could easily be a case of a poorly conceived trailer. Either way I can’t help but feel like there is literally no reason for this to exist other than Sony keeping the Spidey license. A license they could have kept if they hadn’t have made stupid demands on Sam Raimi and co over Spider-man 4.


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