#SayNoTo3D Let’s Get this Thing Trending!

Click the link for my rant/attempt to rally a rebellion against unavoidable 3D showings!

Not going to be a long post this. Basically the last few times I’ve gone to see a film that has had a 3D showing I’ve found the amount of 2D screening options dwindling. It has now got to the point where most of my local cinemas aren’t even listing 2D showings. Now you’ll remember that last year reports were about saying that the popularity of 3D has dropped considerably. What’s the betting when it comes around to announcing how they’ve been doing this year that the figure will be up at an all time high. Obviously the reason it will likely be higher is because the option for 2D has been removed. Not to make this sound like a personal gripe but I’ve booked 3 tickets to see The Avengers. After searching around the listings on 4 different local cinemas I couldn’t find any 2D showings. Eventually I settled on the Camberley Vue, which is a good cinema, but a 3D showing that’s costing 5 pence under £40! £40 for 3 people. Those aren’t even for the premium VIP seats either. Same thing happened when I went to see John Carter. I’m sure it’s happened to some of you too.

Not everyone can watch 3D films. I have friends with poor eyesight in one eye who can’t see the effect of 3D. When they are forced to choose a 3D showing they still have to wear the glasses despite being able to get none of the benefit. I’m not saying 3D isn’t something that can’t have benefits. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t be forced to pay more for something we either don’t enjoy, don’t want or dislike. Especially when that vast majority of 3D films are post converted and look like pop up books. And that’s only if the 3D has been post converted correctly. The Phantom Menace being a prime example of really poorly done post conversion 3D recently.

So basically, if you agree, then get on twitter and tweet a message with the hashtag #SaynoTo3D. Tweet cinemas, directors (who I’d guess would largely agree) and anyone that could have a voice against this shameless attempt to make us pay more than we should to se a film. The 2D showings are priced extortionately high as it is, without the extra £2.50 (in some cases) to watch an image that’s 30% darker, usually poorly converted and comes with a free potential combo of eye strain and headaches.



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4 responses to “#SayNoTo3D Let’s Get this Thing Trending!

  • Matt Zurcher

    Not a bad cause to promote! The most intriguing thing about this debate revolves around the involvement of people like James Cameron and George Lucas. How did it come to the point where these filmmakers have the ability to dictate the theatrical conditions? Sure, Hitch made it so nobody could come into Psycho after the film started, but he wouldn’t be able to tell theaters to buy a new projector just for that showing. Along with 3D, the whole 48 FPS debate seems crucial as well. Along with evoking some Uncanny Valley feelings in some, it is economically ridiculous for some theater owners who seem to possess the last hope for our desire to catch good film in a friendly cinema.

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      Watch them charge more for a 48fps showing of The Hobbit. I’ll be honest though, that advancement does intrigue me. People are calling it odd now but there was a time when films were made to be played at 18fps. then that went up to 24, and then widescreen was introduced, then sound, then full colour.

      It’s not like I don’t see 3D as an eventuality, it’s just that the way it is handled in cinemas is clumsy. It’s like being asked to pay more to wear a certain type of earphone to hear one bands music. Until cinemas screens can show 3d images, I’d guess with holographics, without the need for glasses and an extra fee it’s just gonna be a stop gap of a gimmick.

      Now in the home I can see 3d becoming pretty normal within the next 5-10 years. 3Dtvs that don’t need glasses are out and getting more advanced plus Holographic tvs are in development. It won;t be long until the cinemas don;t have a leg to stand on compared to a good home theatre experience. It’s almost like they’re purposefully pushing us towards that eventuality by turning people away with forced 3D screenings and, with that, higher ticket prices.

  • Jeyna Grace

    I wear glasses.. so having to put another 3d glasses on top of my glasses is annoying. They should invent another type of clip on 3D glasses or something.. then I wouldnt actually be against watching 3D.

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      That would be helpful. I swear the glasses have gotten smaller at the cinema I go to. Just got back from the Avengers and the glasses felt tighter over my glasses. I can’t take my glasses off and my eye sight is such that they don’t make contact lenses that will fit my prescription so i have no alternative. Well I have a choice I suppose, between uncomfortable viewing with a headache and uncomfortable viewing with a bigger headache,

      That said, Avengers was excellent. About to write up my review as quick as I can.

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