Trailer Park Thursdays: These Aren’t Trailers Edition. Avengers Behind The Scenes Footage!

Here’s something a little different this week. Instead of the usual random assortment of trailers this week we’re getting around 20 minutes of behind the scenes B-roll footage from The Avengers. Only 2 weeks to go until the summer blockbuster season gets kicked off to a start with Marvels mightiest heroes. I’m keeping an eye out for the trailer to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis starring Looper to become available too today so that will be added once I see it. For now, click the link for some Avengers based fun!

Here’s part 1

So much green screen. I was actually surprised to see that the lights on Iron Man’s armour were real and not added in post. Also Naked Hulk!

On to part 2!

Thanks to Youtube’s MovieclipsCOMINGSOON for posting all these by the way. A lot less green screen in that one. Good to see real locations used for action sequences. That mass vehicle explosion stunt was insane!

Part 3!

Now there’s a weird thing early on. In one shot the screens have graphics running ont hem in camera, in the next you see the same set and they have green plates on them to add graphics in post. Strange. Really liking just how comic booky the design is on this. There was a time when a studio would want you to hide the more comic book elements as much as possible. Here it’s not only in your face but it’s with more pride than a GLAAD rally in San Francisco.

Part 4!

Lots of Tony Stark here, quite clearly gonna be the central character for the film. Should be Captain America though.

As promised here’s the trailer for Looper. Been waiting to see this one. All I can say is… Why the hell do I have to wait until September to see this? Looks awesome.

Coming soon on The Film Dump I’ll have reviews of Death Note 2: The Last Name and Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I live in. Yep, more world cinema. I honestly don’t plan these out. this is entirely Lovefilms fault. Watch them send me 2 games after this which will cripple the frequency of film reviews coming afterwards.


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