Trailer Park Thursdays: A Total Recall Of The Heart.

So who’s outraged that there’s a remake of Total Recall coming this summer? I’m not, and I’ll tell you why a bit later. Obviously that’s the first trailer for this week. The second is for a film I can’t believe has actually been made. I also can’t believe that it kind of looks fun. That trailer is for Seth Macfarlane’s Ted. After that some retro goodness. Click the link to see the trailers… or not.. whatever.

So first up is Total Recall, a film that everyone will rage about destroying their youth when they likely have no idea where Total Recall comes from. This is why I’m not fussed about the remake, The book the original film was based on is pretty much only the first act. From there they went off on a tangent and I’d imagine Philip K Dick fans were raging about it back then. This remake appears to have a few similar moments but there’s nothing that looks like they even go to Mars. I get the impression that they have done a similar thing with this remake as Paul Verhoven did on the 1990 film in that they’re taking the short story We Will Remember It For You Wholesale and leaping off from there at the end of the first act. I could be quite wrong and it could easily follow the exact same steps and be 100% pointless, but based on what’s been shown I don’t think that’s the case. The trailer has moments you remember because people will want to see that, but there’s no red skies in site and it looks very different design wise. Anyway, here’s the trailer.

Next up is the red band trailer for Ted starring Marky Mark and Meg Griffin. Red band means swears and naughtiness folks which is pretty much what MacFarlane brings to the table in general. Hopefully this film will feature actual structured jokes and situations that create comedy, unlike the last few series of Family Guy. Family guy has gone so downhill. American Dad is awesome though.

The retro trailer this week? Why it’s Captain America! No not the one from last year, that wouldn’t be very retro would it. No this is the trailer for the 1990 Captain America film. Yeah, that exists. Watched this so many times when I was a kid. I just loved how well it captured what Captain America was about. Especially the, not one, but two times he car jacks someone. Just like the comic books!

Coming up review wise I have a review for the live action version of Death Note to post tomorrow and over the next week I’ll be posting reviews for Cowboy & Aliens and maybe Your Highness if I get around to watching it. Really should watch the second Urotsukidoji film at some point too. And Troll…


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