One By One Trailer Starring Rik Mayall For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Hey remember that promise I made nearly a year ago to try to promote the odd piece of independent film making on here? You don’t? What do you mean you searched for Shane Van Dyke and were for some reason brought here? Anyway, I did and now I am. One By One is an independent British film directed by one Diane Jesse Miller who’s mostly worked in theatre but, after studying at the New York Film Academy, is now making her directorial debut with this film. It stars Rik Mayall in serious mode and an old work buddy of mine called Duncan Wigman, he’s the handsome chap in the vest. So, click the link to see the trailer and a description of what the film is about by Duncan himself!

So I asked Duncan to provide a bit of info about the film, its themes and how he got involved. It’s his first feature film role too!

Hello ladies. How you doin'?

Its a film questioning the integrity and motives of the forces that govern our everyday lives. Its plot acts as a framework to raise questions about the financial system and the amount of trust we unquestionably are asked to place in our governments.

I met the director last year through a mutually interested friend and after discussing a few of the themes and reading a couple of scenes we embarked on a crazily hardcore and demanding schedule that allowed us to film on an amazing camera with an incredible crew in the space of a month.

There’s quite a lot of stuff on here…

The film was influenced by a song by a chap called Nathan Ball and you can listen to and purchase the song right here!

So… here’s that trailer I was talking about. Enjoi!

Good luck to Diane and everyone involved with the film. Hopefully it’ll find an audience that will enjoy it with a similar level of passion to that taken to get the film made.

Check it out, I took screen-shots without getting the mouse cursor in view!


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2 responses to “One By One Trailer Starring Rik Mayall For Your Viewing Pleasure.

  • Pete

    It’s a great film and Ducan is brilliant in it. I got to see a sneak peek as I was a crew member! Thanks for the support!

    • lvl54spacemonkey

      Good to hear. obviously I won’t be able to review it here because if I say it’s excellent people will likely accuse me of just saying that because I know Sprigwigman himself. I will see it when I can though and maybe get a guest who has no connection to review it.

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