Trailer Park Thursdays: アベンジャーズアセンブル Edition.

Can you tell that I’m running out of Avengers images to use at the top of the posts yet? Well, I suppose there is about 1 billion images on the interwebs but but finding ones that aren’t just a cluttered mass of random Marvel heroes? That’s the tricky part. Anyway, today I bring you the Japanese trailer for The Avengers, the new trailer for Battleship and some random retro goodness.

So first up is The Avengers, the title of which looks dangerous in Japanese. What’s special about this trailer? Well other than a slightly disconcerting wide angle lens shot of Gwyneth Paltrow there’s our first good look at the Helicarrier in motion. Also I have decided that Loki in a suit looks awesome. The film comes out in the UK a week before the US so look forward to me spoiling plot points inadvertently at the end of April!

And next up is Battleship which still looks like Battleshit! See what I did there? Clever wasn’t it. Seriously, looks like Transformers. What have aliens got to do with naval warfare? What has Rihanna got to do with acting? Why does Liam Neeson keep doing stuff like this? I dunno, here’s the trailer anyway. Maybe it’ll turn out to be mindless fun. I think it’ll end up being G.I. Joe all over again.

Want an Alien invasion done right? Get Donald Sutherland. Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers is a superb film and its 1978 remake is an incredible film that manages to be the answer to the oft asked question “what remake has ever been better than the original?” Another acceptable answer is The Thing.

Coming up on The Film Dump will be a review for I Saw The Devil, which I actually know very little about other than that one scene in a taxi that I saw once and it made me say “I have to see this film”. Which is actually kind of disturbing if you’ve seen that scene.


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