When I first started this film blog dump nearly a year ago I thought I’d post the odd short film from time to time. I like short films, they show creativity at it’s most densely packed and can often give us a look at a future feature film talent or a visual artist. Then I forgot to keep an eye out for new ones after posting just one. Well I’ve just seen a new one that’s quite a doozy. Click the link to see Quantic Dream’s Kara.

So Quantic Dream is a game developer headed up by one David Cage that over the years have brought us the David Bowie voxel rendered Omikron: The Nomad Soul, the truly bizarre (by the end at least) Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy depending where you’re from and the PS3 crime thriller-em-up Heavy Rain. I’m not a big fan of those last two. I appreciated the experience and the interactivity and have always thought that they could be used to create an interesting filmic game. The problem with Fahrenheit and Heavy rain though is the potting and story telling. Fahrenheit falls to pieces in it’s last half and characters do things that make no sense. Heavy Rain is convoluted to an extreme, it starts with you dicking about in a house with no goal and there’s no way to change who the killer is, despite it constantly telling you that the story will be unique each time. It’s not unique if you know who’s behind it all the second time through, that will effect your gameplay.

Anyway, recently Quantic Dream showed off a tech demo they’re calling Kara. I’m classing this as a short film as there’s no real indication where this will go. it could be a game, it could just be a chance to show off. I’m betting it’ll end up being a game though. See I’ve never had a problem with David Cage’s ideas, he’s quite good at premise and coming up with interesting questions, it’s the execution I’ve always found sloppy. Here he is condensed into 7 minutes of focused sci-fi excellence though. This is an idea given form and to be honest I’d be happy if this was all we ever saw of Kara. Partly because it is very good. Mostly because if they do turn this into a game I dread where it may go. It certainly wouldn’t be good to see this turn into a story that involved combat sequences against internet monsters and awkward interactive sex scenes. No-one wants to control two puppets having sex. Well, except Matt Stone & Trey Parker, and they’ve been very verbal about never doing that again.

Anyway, as it is this short film/tech demo is very impressive, and I don’t mean just graphically. It’s a clever piece of sci-fi that basically takes a few minutes to sum up exactly was Bicentennial Man failed to do in 3 hours. So, watch this video, comment and keep an eye on what happens with this next.


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