Well Look At This… It’s 10 Minutes Of John Carter (Of Mars)

Yup, that’s right. I’m making yet another post about John Carter. Looks Like Disney have finally decided to do some actual real promotion for this film and have provided us with 10 minutes of the film to enjoy. I like this format for previewing a film. Generally the first 10 minutes of a film has to hook you so putting it out there for an audience to view is a great idea. You watch your 10 minutes and are hopefully interested enough by the end to want to go see the film. Same method of promotion made me go see the Dawn Of The Dead remake years back and that film rocked. So click the link to see the first 10 minutes of John Carter.

So what do you think? I think they could have done with chucking a little more after that ending, just enough to see him appear on Mars, which is what i assume comes right after this. Also fake beard is fake. That said I really like the look and tone of this. It’s light, shot with real sets in real locations and has just enough charm to make me want to see more. I do plan on seeing this during its opening weekend, provided Mass Effect 3 doesn’t get in the way, which may actually be John Carters biggest enemy in terms of money making.


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