Trailer Park Thursdays: Avengers Assemble Edition.

So yeah, there’s a new Avengers trailer out and it’s pretty sexy. Looks like this will be the top popcorn flick of the summer for sure. On the flipside I’m going to post a trailer for the new Adam Sandler film, That’s My Boy, which looks terrible. Really really terrible. Also a new John Carter (Of Mars) trailer. I guess I’ll post something retro too when I can think of something. Click the link dawgs!!

Well it’s best for me to lead with what brought ya here. it’s the trailer for Avengers Assemble. What what? Avengers Assemble? What’s that you ask. Well it’s actually the UK name for the film. A name I shall be ignoring the moment this post is over. Basically they think people are going to get confused with the 1960s tv series The Avengers which hasn’t been relevant in the UK for about 35 years. No that film didn’t count. Because it was horse shite. This Avengers film though looks awesome. Enjoy!

Next up is That’s My Boy. It is a “comedy” starring Adam Sandler and Adam Samberg and it is about a person who needs money and so uses a plot device to basically be a dick for 90 minutes and swear a lot. Count how many times in this trailer someone either swears for no reason or some sort of fluid leaves someone’s mouth. That’s Adam Sandler everybody. The height of fecking comedy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you like this crap then you’re an idiot.

Why post that stuff if it looks so bad? Because I hope people will watch it and say to themselves “you know what, screw that”. On the other hand I’m posting yet another trailer for John Carter because I have high hopes that this will be a hell of a lot of fun. So watch this new trailer, which is actually good unlike the previous ones, and tell me what you think. I should say though, this trailer is yet another one that uses the sound of a construction site to appear to be trendy and cool for the kids. Apparently one of the top Disney exec’s kid’s friend that wears a baseball cap said dubstep is cool. And that is why all out trailers have it now.

Slight cheat here. Rather than a retro trailer I just dug up some retro Marvel oddness. It’s a short film Marvel produced back in 1994 to sell the concept of a Silver Surfer movie. Didn’t work of course. Probably because in this short film the Silver Surfer travels across the galaxy just to give a kid his Terminator 2 figure back. Can’t help but think that this would have worked better if he had done something a little more heroic like, I dunno, fight Galactus maybe.

Only review I have planned soon is for a film called Saved. It’s a good little film that got swept under the carpet when it was released, likely because it’s tough to sell a film to the US that’s got a bit of an anti-religion vibe to it. That will probably go up over the weekend. Laters yo!


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