Here’s 4 Minutes Of John Carter (Of Mars)

Sorry, wrong John Carter. Too late now. Can’t go changing the pic now I’ve clicked the button. Anyway, here’s 4 minutes of upcoming Disney sci-fi epic John Carter (Of Mars). I’m convinced this is at least going to be an enjoyable action romp and hopefully people will give it a chance before they write it off as some typical Avatar type film. It deserves better than that. This is a film that has been in and out of production for decades, based on a new 100 year old book. I get the vibe that this will succeed via word of mouth more than anything. So click the link for a 4 minute preview of the film. Hopefully Disney put a few more out like this over the next couple of weeks.

So what do you think? I’m liking what I see. This is true grand scale sci-fi stuff and I get a little of the action adventure vibe that a lot of 80s films thrived on that these days similar films fail to capture. Hopefully I’ll see this during its release week. If I can pull myself away from Mass Effect 3 that is.


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