Jay & Silent Bob Get Old In London

Who here is a fan of Kevin Smith? Well you’re on the internet so I’m sure there’s a good chance that you are. If you’re not why not? OK so I can understand if you’re not actually a fan of the works of Kevin Smith but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a little bit of potty humour every now and again, and that’s just what Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes brought to the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday 18th February. I was there, as was my buddies Luke and Ben and around 2,997 other people I don’t know. Well except for that one guy Ryan I saw there that I used to work with. So what happened at this Jay & Silent Bob show that I speak of? Click the link to find out.

For the last year or so Smith and Mewes have been touring their weekly Smodcast, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old around the US. It really is quite a unique concept. There aren’t many people that could attract a relatively large live audience on a weekly basis for a 2 hour radio show. It’s a good job that Smith and Mewes know how to handle an entertaining 2 hours. Essentially the show is the two of them sat behind a desk discussing any random musings (or should that be MEWESings… sorry) that come to mind. Boy was this one random.

I’ve seen Kevin Smiths Q&A shows on dvd over the years. A friend of mine lent me his first and I honestly hadn’t laughed so much at one show since I was about 7 and I laughed so much at Jasper Carrott that I threw up all over the carpet. Which luckily for me made my Mum laugh. Could have gone either way. If you haven’t seen his Q&A dvds I suggest you seek them out. They’re less a discussion on film as they are a collection of improvised stand up routines and stories told with Kevin Smith’s skilled anecdotal ability and with a fair smattering of potty humour. The anecdotes last night though came mostly from Mewes.

The one photo I did take. Well there was another but it was this with a lot more glare.

After the show started a little later than planned Smith and Mewes came on stage and got the whole audience to serenade Jennifer Schwalbach’s (Smith’s sitcom wife. By which I mean far too attractive to be initially believable) mother Gail with a 3,000 strong rendition of Happy Birthday to You. We then moved on to what was really Kevin’s largest contribution for the evening which bizarrely took the form of informing Jason on the entire story of Bed-knobs And Broomsticks. This came about after the pair were discussing their first experiences of the UK. Which is where Mewes took off. See Mewes cannot remember his first visit to the UK but he sure can remember every one since, and every sexual conquest contained therein.

The whole evening revolved around Mewes and to be fair it’s deserved. The man is coming close to two years sober (691 days and counting) and has recently produced the Jay & Silent Bob animated film which we’re assured Smith will be touring in the UK in the future along with a post show Q&A session. Mewes talked about his desire to get all sexual with a girl with an accent, I’m sure there would have been a few in the audience willing to help him with that. We learned of a failed attempt to get a few English accented cries of joy from a woman on a previous visit. How he was stopped at the London Eye a few days ago for having a knife tool on him. Something maybe they’re PR reps should have warned him of what with knife crimes being a very hot topic in the UK these days.

Kevin served as a commenter to Mewes’ ramblings this night making sure any chance for mockery was taken. It’s a good job Mewes doesn’t mind being mocked a little. He’s also quite frank about his time on drug recounting a tale of running from the police. A time he remembers mostly because it was the only time he managed to run without falling over. Something I can identify with after I managed to give myself a concussion once by running for a train and falling down a ramp. If I could I would have bro-fist bumped Mewes right there.

After the bulk of the ramblings were over the pair set up a little game for the crowd to participate in called, quite tactfully, “Let Us Fuck!”. The game was simple, fans come on stage, the audience shouts out an imaginary sexual position which then the volunteer and Mewes act out. Simple Ibiza nightclub inspired stuff but entertaining non-the-less. Oh and they remained clothed just in case you were wondering. Mewes is a married man after-all. Best performance of the night went to the Dubstep DJ girl (boos were provided for that revelation of course) who looked like she was about to break her neck performing The Great British Teabag. Imagine a Tombstone Piledriver with a little less safety involved.

I should really watch Clerks 2 again. Damn good film.

Overall the show was a funny, crude and entertaining night out. Only gripe I could have had involved the audience. A few people nearby my seats got up and left, one woman seemed more interested in looking at pictures of her baby throughout the show than watching it. She made him leave an hour before the end. She needs ditching. Also the amount of people who can’t sit in a seat for 2 hours without getting drinks or taking a piss in insane. There’s a reason the doors open some time before the show starts. Anyway, I apologise for the lack of photos but there is a valid reason for this. Firstly I was sat way back on the upper tier and secondly my phone’s zoom function on its camera is terrible. If you get the chance to go to one of Kevin Smith’s live shows then I suggest you take it. Unless you really hate him. In which case, why have you ready this much of this article?



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6 responses to “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old In London

  • Steve Wulgus

    I was at the Apollo on Saturday too. I think it’s pretty surprising that you’re annoyed with people for leaving, or being so bored that they were looking at their phones rather than the stage. I’d argue that you should be annoyed with Smith for putting on something so unengaging and boring. I am.

    For all the insight he could deliver and how natural a speaker Smith is, I’d suggest nobody should go see Kevin Smith live in this format. It was diabolical. Keeping everyone waiting for 40 minutes and then not evenacknowledging it was nice too.

  • Steve Wulgus

    Yeah, I’ve heard the podcast. I just assumed he’d put a bit more work into it when it was £40 a seat.

  • Doug

    Yeah, it was pretty weak actually. I’ve got no problem with a bit of hero worship, but I think you would have to be a super-super-super fanboy to call that entertaining. Not saying it didn’t have it’s moments, but when you consider:

    a) The price
    b) How late they were
    c) That he made the audience sing happy birthday to his mother-in-law
    d) That Mewes can’t tell a story for sh!t

    i would never recommend somone go and see that tour. The Youtube clip is a reminder of how funny these guys used to be. If you dont want that spoiled for you, I’d say avoid Jay and Silent Bob get old.

  • badkitty

    I love jay even tho he looks like sh!t. there movie,s rocked! still watching them and lmfao!

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