Trailer Park Thursdays: I Vant To Drink Your Blood Edition

Well this is a bit rubbish. I’ve not done a review for over a week. There’s multiple reasons for this. One is that I had games from lovefilm rather than any films and so I’ve been busy with them. Lovefilm kinda fuels this blog you see. Secondly, I just haven’t watched any films since Chronicle. Pretty bad I know but I’ll make up for it over the next week I promise. Oh yeah, trailers… We have Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and a red band trailer for the new Paul Rudd film Wunderlust. Also retro goodness! Click the link!

So first up is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. There’s an awkward lack of a colon there. Looks pretty much normal Bekmambetov in that it looks like shallow eye candy nonsense. Not that that’s always a bad thing. I quite enjoyed… well… I got through Wanted. Anyway, the source material for this is actually surprisingly strong so hopefully the film will be.

Speaking of vampires… here’s Wunderlust. It has Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. I guess that’s all the description people will need seeing as that’s the qualifying criteria for the average viewer of these films. Twats.

So for the retro trailer, well you can’t get that much more retro than this one. It’s for the 1931 film version of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi. This is one of those films that shaped almost everything about the way we saw future vampire stories and no doubt has some part in what we’ll see in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Not sure what part but there’s bound to be something.

Over the next week I’ll be reviewing The Troll Hunter and I’ll be writing something up about my trip to see Jay & Silent Bob Get old at the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night!


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