Trailer Park Thursdays: Letting Bullets Fly Edition

I like to think Chow Yun Fat could fire bullets from his fingers. He’s awesome so I’m sure it’s possible. Anyway, this weeks trailers are the Hong Kong action sensation Let The Bullets Fly. The not starring Matt Damon Bourne series sequel The Bourne Legacy. Of course it has Jeremy Renner in it, as is the law. Also a retro trailer of goodness! Click the jump!

First up is Let The Bullets Fly. There is a red band trailer for this but I think this one is far better put together. Stars Chow Yun Fat so it’s instantly a step above the normal levels of awesome. looks like it’ll be a hit with fans of films like The Good, The Bad And The Weird.

Next up is The Bourne Legacy. I am still yet to see a single one of these films for some reason. Probably should fix that. What do fans think of this trailer? Answers on a postcard!

For some reason I thought this trailer would be bigger…

No idea what reviews will be coming up. Let’s wing it I say. Gonna be seeing Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes do a Q7A session and Smodcast next Saturday. I’ll write up a post on that the following day I hope. Laters yo!


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