Trailer Park Thursday: God Bless Billion Dollar Movies

Keeping it simple this week. Two trailers worth a look for two very different comedy films coming your soon. One is a social satire from Bobcat Goldthwait named God Bless America and the other is some weird shite called Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. I doubt there will be a massive crossover in each films fans but I happen to like the look of both. For different reasons of course. As usual I’ll be chucking up a retro trailer of awesomeness too. Click the link yo!

First up is God Bless America. Keeping the intros short this week because my screen keeps switching off as I type. Worrying right?

And here’s Tim & Eric’s Billions Dollar Movie. A film where Tim & Eric make a Billion Dollar Movie except they forgot to make the movie. Well more than 3 minutes of it.

For this week’s retro trailer I’m posting the 80’s classic that is Porky’s. Films like this an Animal House are pretty such the reason why films like American Pie exist today. Although you should all see Fast Times At Ridgemont High for the best 80’s Teen movie. Well that and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Was planning to have a review of Chronicle done by now but situations changed for my planned trip to see the film so instead I’ll be seeing it on Saturday and posting a review when I get back. Laters yo!


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