Trailer Park Thursday: Nicolas Cage Isn’t In The Most OTT Film This Week Edition

Nic Cage is generally known for being either over the top in films where he shouldn’t be or for putting in a performance that’s exactly in keeping with just how OTT the film is. Basically he comes across like a nut job no matter what he’s in. This week though we have a trailer for his new film, Seeking Justice, in which he seems to be acting almost like a human adult. It also looks painfully predictable. The other trailer though, oh man. It’s called Iron Sky and that’s all I’m telling you. You just have to watch the trailer. Also I’ll try to think of a retro film to post the trailer of.

So here’s Seeking Justice. It stars Nicolas Cage with a goatee and and Guy Pierce trying to be a bad guy again. Remember when he was amazing in L.A. Confidential? That guy… er Guy… should really be a bigger name these days than he is. Anyway, this film looks a predictable as a calendar.

Next up is Iron Sky. I’m not saying this looks good. it just looks awesome. Watch the trailer now. Stop reading this. get on with it. Click the bloody button!

Retro trailer time and this week it’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Why? Because I got talking about this with a friend earlier in the week and it reminded me just how excellent (air guitars) this film really is. Not only is it a simple, fun and relatively clean comedy it also manages to deliver a message about how life is short, not to be wasted and, most importantly, that if you want to succeed you have to work for it. Also it helps to have a time machine and George Carlin nearby. It always helps to have George Carlin nearby. Well maybe not now because, well, he probably isn’t as funny as he used to be. What with the being dead and all. Ahem…

Coming up soon on The Film Dump will be reviews for Red State, Kevin Smith’s latest and hopefully Chronicle, which is looking excellent. During February I’ll be going to see Kevin Smith in a live podcast and Q&A session for his London edition of Jay & Silent Bob Get Old tour. Any suggestions for a question I should try to ask him are welcome in the comments.


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