Trailer Park Thursday: Adverts Within Adverts Edition.

No there isn’t a Shameless movie being made. I just chose that image to represent what I feel about the opening shots of the trailer for the new Fast Food for the masses movie, otherwise known as Resident Evil Retribution. You’ll understand when you see it. That’s the only new trailer I’m posting this week because nothing else has caught my attention. There will be a retro trailer though! Click the link to view!

So first up is the trailer for Resident Evil Retribution which features a literal advert for Sony products at the start. So there you have it. Hollywood isn’t even trying to hide when it’s marketing products to you anymore. Although I suppose that started with Jack & Jill. This is plain shameless. A few years back one of the teaser trailers for, I believe, the first Resident Evil had a faux ad at the start. But that was for a made up product by a made up company. It was almost a nod to films like Robocop and Starship Troopers that feature similar fake adverts during their runtime. Here you’re looking at all the latest Sony products being shown for no reason other than to get them some screentime.

I have no problem with a real product being used in a film, provided that it doesn’t get in the way pointlessly. It’s a natural part of securing money for the production of a film to get paid to display a certain companies clothes, or cars or furniture during the film. When it stops being OK is when you literally just show us an advert. Why couldn’t these have been made up products. Plus this film evidently features flashbacks to before the outbreak featured in the film series, a time when those products wouldn’t have existed. It serves no purpose than to fill the first 20 seconds of the trailer with product placement as it adds nothing to the trailer. The thread it creates is abandoned and never worked into the trailer at any other point either. Also, this film looks like wank. Oh and how dare they use The Who?

After that I think we all need to see a trailer for a real Zombie movie. So here’s Zombi 2! Enjoy!

The next review I post will be review No.100. It’s gonna be a special review for a great film that deserves to be the focus of this landmark in my… well, I guess this is just a past time I partake in. Anyway, come back Saturday night to see what the film in question will be!


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