Kevin Curtis Is A Dead Man.

So in my daily grind of a job I sell various forms of entertainment that come packaged within boxes in a disc based format. Apparently it’s an out of date industry and no-one buys them anymore. Which is odd because quite a few people still do. Because the UK currently has an above average level of idiots walking it’s streets British gangster and crime movies are all the rage. At least with those morons anyway. You know the sort I’m on about. the types that use swearing as punctuation, won’t read ANYTHING if they can avoid it and seem to think it’s OK to not work and instead scrounge off of benefits their whole life. By the way, if you’re one of them then this blog is not for you. Anyway, here’s a short film made by some clever chap that’s all about everything that’s wrong with the UK film industry these days. Watch it after the link…

Pretty much sums everything up I’d say. If you’re not in the UK you probably don’t realise just how many of these films exist right now. There was a period a while back where I swear to God that Danny Dyer was in a different film that fit this bill every week. He even turns up in the extra features on the Fish Tank dvd. If it’s not him it’s Tamer Hassan or Vinnie Jones. The only films made in the Uk that don’t fall into these styles are usually funded entirely by US or overseas money. It’s a shame.

The problem is that entertainment these days is made for the lowest common denominator and until we get past this trend and prove that people do like smarter films then rubbish gangster and street crime hoody wearing morons will be the main focus of UK cinema for years to come.

The trouble I have really is that there are plenty of people out there that want more. That like smartly written films. That can read subtitles rather than wait for the English language version. that will happily watch the original rather than the remake. They just aren’t going to see these films in the cinema or buying them on dvd upon release. We need to change this, not just in the UK but overseas too.

If you prefer films that aren’t about people getting punched or things blowing up, not that there’s always something wrong with that, then go see the films that genuinely interest you instead of the safe bet. Don’t always pick the film that has an actor you like or know in it. Don’t see a film just because you can turn your brain off for 2 hours. It takes a lot for a film that isn’t a piece of cookie cutter nonsense to actually have great success these days, usually require a load of Oscar buzz. That shouldn’t be the case. Quality should be rewarded.

This problem extends beyond just film. You only have to look at the sort of albums people buy these days to see that anything remotely challenging never cracks the top ten. People seem to just keep going for more of the same every time. The latest Florence and the Machine album sounds identical to the last and it sells. We get albums full of safe songs that all sound identical. It makes a mockery of musicians that work hard to produce creative songs that are about more than either partying, girls or partying with girls. Just the same as purchasing identikit gangster and street crime movies makes a mockery of the effort directors such as the Von Trier’s and Anderson’s (Both Wes and Paul, but not Paul W.S.) put into their films.

Right, rant over.


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