Trailer Park Thursdays: I Missed Last Week Edition

SO yeah, didn’t do a trailer park last week due to A) a lack of decent new trailers and 2) playing Battlefield 3 instead. This week though I have a couple of interesting trailers to share with you people. First up is Moonrise Kingdom, the latest from Wes Anderson. Second is the unique looking Keyhole. Also a trailer that’s as retro as they come. Click the link yo!

So first up is Moonrise Kingdom which is probably gonna be some quirky brilliant excellence because that’s exactly what Wes Anderson does. It’s getting to the point with him that I feel I don’t need to have any concern about the films he is making. He may not have the genre spanning abilities of say a Spielberg or a Kubrick but what he does he does very well. I’ve still not got around to seeing Darjeeling Limited or, shockingly Bottle Rocket, but I love every one of his other films. His visual style, his scripting of dialogue and character relationships and his ability to maintain a certain tone are all things great directors should aspire to have. In their own way of course. Moonrise Kingdom stars Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and, of course, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman.

Next up is Keyhole which is looking very unique. Shot in a way that pitches it directly between 1940s noir and horror this appears to be a film that encompasses both thematically as well. There’s something distinctly arthouse vanity project about it though. Not entirely sure what to make of it so far but I get the feeling I’ll be watching it at some point anyway.

Speaking of film noir here’s the trailer for the archetypal noir Double Indemnity. If you’ve not seen this film then… well… fuck you. the whole film is up on youtube so you have no excuse.

Coming up on The Film Dump in the form of reviews will be Arrietty tomorrow followed by a classic piece of cinema starring Christian Slater and pretty soon I’ll be at review No.100. What will it be? You’ll have to wait and see…


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