Trailer Park Thursdays: Retro Trailers Special!

Wow. Searching for “retro movies” on Google brought up a hell of a lot more porn than I expected. Unfortunately for you guys that’s not what this weeks Trailer Park is all about. After the major motion picture blowout of trailers last week in the forms of The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and Prometheus this week has been decidedly quite. So I’ve decided to theme today’s Trailer Park around the magical world of retro film trailers. Click the link to see what I’ve got.

This is gonna be a little bit of a random collection of trailers. First up They Live! This film should not work. No way in hell. It’s got a goofy premise, the use of sunglasses to see subliminal messages and hidden aliens, it stars a wrestler and is about as 80s as a film can get. Yet it is one of the most brilliant pieces of sci-fi produced during the 80s. It also has one hell of an arse kicking fight scene. Roddy piper is actually pretty entertaining in the film too. It’s a shame he pretty much destroyed any value his name had gained in Hollywood from this by starring in Hell Comes To Frogtown.

Now this second trailer isn’t strictly speaking retro but it is, in my opinion, one of the greatest ever made. It’s the perfect marriage of mood setting music, eye catching moments and excellent editing. I must have watched this trailer about 20 times the first day it came out. It still gives me a chill just how perfect it was. What’s also quite cool is that the song used, The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning, is a parallel to a song that was created to promote the horrendous Batman & Robin. That song being The End Is The Beginning Is The End. Those zany Smashing Pumpkins and their wacky song titles.

Here’s the original song. Look at that, a Dailymotion embed. Don’t see them often. this is literally the only good thing to have come from that film. Remember, I’m talking about a film that had a in her prime Uma Thurman in spandex and Alicia Silverstone in rubber.
The Smashing Pumpkins – The End Is the Beginning… by Tunashaker

God I miss the music of the 90s. … I’m so fecking old.

Did you know I occasionally watch films that aren’t science fiction or grim foreign arthouse cinema. Occasionally I watch classic noire thrillers such as this. One of the greatest films of all time, Chinatown. If you’ve not seen Chinatown then you suck. The screenplay is one of the greatest of all time and every scene is filled with detail and character nuance. The only film in recent years to have come close is L.A. Confidential, maybe Bladerunner. At least in terms of Noire they are.

Coming up on The Film Dump I shall be getting my arse in gear and reviewing a few films. Been a hectic few weeks what with Christmas work schedules but niow I’m back to normal. May even have a new cinema release to review!


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