An Unexpected Trailer… The Hobbit.

Was not expecting this to be released today. It’s the first trailer for The hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I’ve never managed to watch the Lord Of The Rings films. Every time I’ve tried to watch Fellowship Of The Ring I’ve fallen asleep. But that was at a time when I was passing out every evening. maybe now is the time for me to revisit these films. Or I’ll just shamelessly cash in next December when The Hobbit is released. Anyway, click the link for the trailer!

Doesn’t look like a film that’s a full year away from release. Although I suppose they are shooting two films at the same time. Some footage will have long been through post. Looks very in keeping with the previous films. For some reason I’ve never been that enthralled by the Lord Of The Rings series, in books or film. I think it’s because there was a girl in my class at school who was obsessed with them and whenever she spoke about them, which was any chance she got, she made them sound like the most boring thing to have ever existed. One day I’ll give them another chance.


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