Trailer Park Thursdays: The Expended And The Expendable

Three new trailers this week. First is a new trailer for Paranorman, from the makers of the amazing Coraline. The second trailer is a teaser for the other film Bruce Willis will be making a glorified cameo in next year, The Expendables 2. The other film of course being G.I. Joe 2. The third trailer is for Men In Black 3. I’ll post my thoughts on that with the trailer. Also there will be a retro trailer which as usual I have failed to plan ahead for.

Paranorman is looking like good gothy fun. It’s about a lad named Norman that can see paranormal stuff. Ghosts basically. Think The Sixth Sense if the kid wasn’t such a whiny wuss. This trailer lacks a little of the charm that the first one had but it is a more straight forward story showing one. Watch it and comment on what you think about it.

Here’s the teaser for The Expendables 2 which just like the first is all about action, action stars getting together to do action and then more action. When I saw the name Hemsworth on the poster I’ll admit I got a little excited that the God of thunder himself Thor would be kicking some mercenary arse in this. Then the trailer told me it was Liam Hemsworth and I got sad. Also, doesn’t Arnie look old?

And now it’s time for the trailer to Men In Black 3. What can I say about this. It looks like a paycheck for Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and not much else. Will Smith is front and centre whilst Tommy Lee gets to do a few days work before having his top secret shoes filled by Josh Brolin, who does a fine Tommy lee Jones impression I might add. Basically it looks like Smith is in the this to desperately add value to his name and Jones is in it for the easy quick job it’ll no doubt be for him. Still, at least it looks a little more enjoyable than the second film which was just souless.

While we’re on the subject of Will Smith here’s a trailer for a film of his that made a load of money for no good reason. Of course I’m talking about Wild Wild West. Why did you people see this?

Seriously, big pile of shite. Anyway, what reviews do I have coming up over the next few days? I dunno. Nothing planned just yet. We’ll see what turns up I guess. There will be something on Christmas day for sure plus I do still have that second part of Urotsukidoji to endure. Mostly though I need to play some more of Deus Ex Human Revolution because that turned up from Lovefilm this week. Hence the lack of film reviews planned. Sorry.


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