Trailer Park Thursday: Hunger Games In The Woods Edition

So I almost totally forgot about this post today. Which is annoying because I made a note of saying I’d feature the trailer for The Cabin In The Woods, which I have. It looks pretty damn cool. A mash up of every cabin in the woods film crossed with The Cube. The other new trailer this week is for The Hunger Games. I say new, this trailer was released about a month ago. Also retro trailer goodness to come when I can think of something.

So first up is The Cabin In The Woods. Seems like a straight up teenagers get a horrific holiday in a haunted cabin movie, up until it all goes a bit sci-fi. Sorta. Turns out some dudes are controlling this cabin and it’s horrific events. The idea has been done before to be fair but this looks like it might be pretty damn entertaining. Enjoi!

So here’s that Hunger Games thing I keep hearing about. I’ve never read the book and have no knowledge of it but judging from this trailer The Hunger Games is pretty much a fleshed out version of Battle Royale with a little bit of a Totalitarian nightmare future warning thrown in. Looks quite decent. Although that may just be my normal reaction to seeing Emily Browning.

Retro trailer time! This week it’s The Truman Show! Weren’t trailer different in the 90s? This one certainly is. No popular music. No pausing of said music for a punchline 3-5 times per trailer. No Michael Cera. These trailers back in the 90s were quite different to how they are today. Also The Truman Show is a damn fine film. Watch it. or not. See if I care. Also i posted this because I was just listening to some Philip Glass and he won a Golden Globe for his score to this film.

Coming up on The Film Dump this week will be reviews for romantic comedy A Serbian Film and the harsh expose of youth culture and their excess in the early 80s, BMX Bandits.


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