Trailer Park Thursday: Weird Shite Edition

I searched for “Weird Shite’ on Google to find an appropriate image for the top of this post and that image came up. What’s cool is that is the exact image I posted in my review of Jan Svankmejer’s Alice with the caption “Weird shite going on right here”. I believe that means I win one internet. I’ll go ask Bill Gates for it after I finish this. Anyway, this week is devoted to odd films. Why? because two trailers for potentially very weird films were released this week. First is Quentin Dupieux’s follow up to the amazing Rubber, a film called Wrong. Second is Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. If you never watched Tom Goes To The Mayor or Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show! Great Job! then you probably won’t want to see this. If you like there stuff you kinda already know. Also retro weirdness when I can think of something.

So here is Wrong. It’s a film about a guy named Dolph who’s lost his dog and has a police detective helping him on his search. There’s something unique about how Dupieux puts together a shot and in how he paced Rubber that had me mesmerised. I shall be looking forward to seeing this one.

Next up is Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. A film in which Tim & Eric somehow become entrusted with the production of the most expensive movie ever made. I get the feeling that from what we see in this trailer they’re not gonna spend it in a conventional manner. Also, go watch Tom Goes To The Mayor. It’s amazing. Oh, I should warn you. this trailer is a little bit weird.

Well I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go down the David Lynch or Terry Gilliam route for the retro trailer but as I’ve mentioned my obsession for Lynch before now here’s a little bit of Gilliam’s Brazil. Wouldn’t it be nice if directors could be this brave with their films and still gain a modicum of success. Remember, when films like this fail it is collectively all of your faults. As in all the public. Not just you folk who randomly stumble onto this blog. Anyway, enjoy.

So I still have my Wall Street review to do. Well, also need to watch Wall Street before that. Been sat here for a week. I’m slacking. Seeing as it’s Christmas in 24 days I think that I’ll announce here that on Christmas Day I shall be reviewing one of the greatest Christmas films of all time. Feel free to guess what it is. Unless you’re called Luke, in which case there’s a chance you know so don’t go spoiling it.


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