Trailer Park Thursdays: Titanic In 3D Edition!

So James “Jim” Cameron is re-releasing Titanic next year in 3D. Remember when he was the director of Terminator and Aliens? If you’re under 20 years probably not I’d guess. Anyway, I’ll be posting a trailer for that. Also I’m going to be bringing you the trailer for Disney-Pixar’s Brave this week. It looks pretty damn good. Hopefully this’ll be the film to push their tomato-meter up after the lukewarm reception Cars 2 got. I haven’t seen that but you know what? I really liked the first cars film. Oh and a retro trailer as always shall be posted. Once I think of one…

Titanic 3D. Yup. James still thinks that film is relevant. Why is it hat the directors going back to their older films to give them the 3D treatment are picking out their weakest films. Yeah i said that. Titanic is weak. It’s by the numbers, overly glossy and romanticised. A Night To Remember is a much better film. George (As in Lucas) is planning to release all the Star Wars films in 3D if the first one they do is successful enough at the Box office. So why start with The Phantom Menace? Gimmie the Death Star trench run in 3D first. Not Boss Nass’ wobbling jowls. Where was I? Oh yeah, Titanic 3D. Needs more Shane Van Dyke.

Nest up is Pixar’s Brave. Dunno about you but it feels like a cross between Mulan and that Scotsman’s village from Samurai Jack. Pixar can be relied upon to deliver the goods so I’m expecting something pretty special from this. That said, it has more of a hint of the generic story than I’d expect from them. You’d usually expect a story like this to be dressed up in the form of talking toys or forgetful fish when it comes from Pixar. One of their greatest strengths is to tell a very simple human story though the eyes of something decidedly un-human. Still, looks like Brave will do wonders for the popularity of red heads.

Did you know it’s been almost 10 years since the Lord Of The Rings trilogy kicked off with Fellowship Of The Ring. Did you also know that i have still not managed to get all the way through one of them. I’ve tried Fellowship about 3 times and each time I fell asleep at various points. Granted I was watching these after long days at work. Well, normal length days at work. OK, no excuses. I found it boring as feck. Maybe I should give them another crack. After all, I got throw all the Harry Potter films.

Coming up via the medium of reviews on the Film Dump will be Wall Street and A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010). Let’s pretend that it’s a “street” themed week shall we? I really should get around to watching that second part of Urotsukidoji at some point too.


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