Trailer Park Thursdays: Why Aren’t I Playing Battlefield 3 Right Now Instead…?

Hey, there’s a sequel to Journey To The Centre Of The Earth coming out. Yup, the Brendan Fraser one. This one has The Rock in it though. Oh and Vanessa Hudgens who’s apparently popular with children and dirty old men. I have a trailer for that film today. Also I have the trailer for the new Eddie Murphy film not directed by that slimey douche of a man Bret Ratner, something called A Thousand Words. Can you tell I put this posts together at the last minute? Anyway, click the link.

So this is the trailer for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. It’s barely linked to the previous film but for some reason they thought it was worth calling this a sequel. Odd choice seeing as Journey To The Centre Of The Earth was terible and I’m pretty sre it bombed too. Anyway, lets look at the ample chests of The Rock and Vanessa Hudgens in this trailer.

OK, I might be posting this just because Eddie Murphy has been in the news recently with his whole quitting the Oscars hosting thing. Mostly though I’m posting this because it looks pretty mediocre in the churned out by the studios kind of way. It’s pretty much a film in the mould of Liar Liar or Bruce almighty. Eddies character lies a lot and some mystical dude grows a tree that sheds a leaf for every word Eddie wastes and if he uses up all his words he’ll die. Or something. Who writes this tripe?

Lastly let’s go all mid 80s Disney with the trailer for the much unappreciated Basil The Great Mouse Detective. Got reminded of this when cruising the extras on Tangled. This needs a good remastered re-release at some point. It’s just as valid a Disney Classic as The Rescuers or Aladdin.

Coming up on The Film Dump will be Lucky Number Slevin and who knows what else. As already established I don’t plan ahead too far.


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