There’s No Need To Object To This Phoenix Wright Movie Trailer!

I don’t know if it’s just me but the fact that Miike Takashi has made a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney movie still hasn’t quite sunk in. Yet here is the video proof that it is real. By god does it look awesome. Now I’m not the sort to pretend that everything Miike touches turns to gold but I think this is some real 16 carat shizzle. It’s also not the first foray into videogame based movie adaptations either. A few years back he made a pretty faithful adaptation of the Yakuza series which I will bemoan the lack of a UK dvd release of for as long as it takes. Anyway, click the jump to view the trailer for Phoenix Wright: The Movie!

Tell me that isn’t making you giddy. OK I suppose anyone who isn’t a fan of the games will have a solid look of bemusement on their faces right now. Trust me though non-fans, this looks so spot on it’s unreal. It looks like Miike Takashi has embraced the melodramatic elements of the games story whilst taking the time to make sure all the fun elements from the game, such as Wright’s trademark quip, are all present and correct. Sometimes copying the source material to film is all you need to do.


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