Trailer Park Thursday: Suitable For Kids Edition!

This week I try to make up for the nasty filth I posted on the Trailer Park recently with some kids films. Gonna be sharing trailers for Dreamworks upcoming adaptation of the Dr Seuss book The Lorax, following that with a trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and then a retro trailer of a classic kids film. No horror. Unless you count the potential horror of a Dreamworks Dr Seuss movie.

First up is The Lorax. The movie world hasn’t been kind to Dr Seuss books in recent years. The Grinch was pretty but average and the less said about The Cat In The Hat the better. The Lorax looks to be pretty standard stuff for Dreamworks and they have been putting out some decent films recently. The trailer seems to lack that magic spark that’s needed for this sort of cartoon, but saying that, it took watching How To Train Your Dragon for me to finally be sold on it. That films trailer was also pretty underwhelming.

Hugo on the other hand looks pretty magical. I was pretty doubtful about the prospect of a Scorsese kids film, it’s not exactly his comfort zone. It seems as Scorsese has gotten older though he’s really trying to branch out his movies to maybe do the sort of films he never got the chance to in the 70s and 80s when grit and crime were his main trades. Anyway, this look very good, watch the trailer yo!

What better retro kids film trailer could there be than the trailer for The Wizard Of Oz. One of the true greats of cinema. Not only was it an incredible technical marvel at the time its was also a damn fun film to boot. It would certainly go in my pre-1950s movie top 10 along with films such as Casablanca and Double Indemnity. It also comes from a time when kids films weren’t afraid to be a little bit scary. It’s a key element that’s missing from kids films recently, although Coraline did buck that trend. If you’re a parent and you’ve never shown your children The Wizard Of Oz then I’m pretty sure you need to hand them back to the hospital because you’re doing it wrong.

Coming up over the next week or so… 3 more scary movies to review for horror week. Well I say scary, the next one is a documentary about a subject linked directly to horror films. Not saying what they are though. Also I have had Skyline turn up from Lovefilm. I’ve heard it’s a steaming pile of… poop… kids trailers remember… Anyway, heard it’s terrible so I may enjoy reviewing this next week. If I stop playing Battlefield 3. Next week I’m gonna do a special review of something… You’ll have to wait and see what though.


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