Trailer Park Thursdays: Powers And Piranhas Edition

So yeah. I searched for Piranha 3DD images and that pic of The Hoff was one of the first to appear. Odd. Also one of the trailers I’m gonna show this week is Piranha 3DD. The other is for a film called Chronicle. It’s all about a bunch of teens who get super powers and then stuff goes wrong. it looks more interesting than I make it sound though. Of course there will also be a retro trailer! yay! Click the jump yo!

First up is the trailer for Chronicle. It’s one of those found footage films but after watching the trailer I don’t really understand why. It really doesn’t need to be. As it is though it looks like someone fancied taking some of the themes of Akira and doing his own spin on them. I think it looks quite good. post modernism is very cool with super hero movies these days so this could turn out to be a hit.

After watching this incredibly short trailer for Piranha 3DD I now know why The Hoff pictured appeared. Why THAT picture I don’t know. Anyway, watch this teaser. Looks like they’re going all out for the funny this time. Not that the last film was serious or anything. Also Piranha 3D is actually damn enjoyable. Watch it if you’re a fan of shamelessly schlocky horror.

Hmmm, never knew “schlocky” was an actual word. Anyway, it’s retro trailer time and seeing as it’s almost Halloween hows about a trailer for one of my all time favorite horror films, The Evil Dead. It’s easy to forget how much of an achievement this film was when these days anyone with a digital camera and a computer can put together a pretty decent high concept movie on a very low budget. The Evil Dead was extremely low budget though but it has really aged well. You can really see how confident a director Sam Raimi was even then.

Next week I’ll be having a horror themed week on The Film Dump which will kick off with Rubber and at some point will feature The Evil Dead. The other films are a surprise though. I’ve tried to go for a variety of different types of horror. Laters yo!


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