Trailer Park Thursdays: Not Suitable For Kids Edition

I’ll warn ya right off the bat here. Today’s trailer ain’t suitable for kids. The Bunny Game trailer in particular. Very NSFW. The second trailer this week is for a post-apocalyptic based film called The Divide which looks pretty damn sweet. Thirdly is the long awated red band trailer for American Pie: the Reunion! What do you mean you haven’t been waiting? As usual I’ll end the Trailer Park post with a retro trailer which is certainly not suitable for kids. You’ve been warned!!!

The Bunny Game is the latest film for the BBFC to determine as not being suitable for UK consumption. As such they have, much like they did Human Centipede 2, refused the film a certificate and as such it is effectively banned from release. The film is about a prostitute who finds herself in a nightmare situation after offering her services to a sadistic trucker. The trailer is pretty hardcore stuff and very loud so don’t watch it at work.

Next up is The Divide which looks to be all kinds of awesome. It’s good to see Michael Biehn in a film again but I doubt he’ll make it through it alive. The guy dies in everything he is in. The film follows a group of survivors held up in a building basement after some sort of apocalyptic event. Obviously the film would be boring if they were all civilised and managed to just get along until the rescue team shows. In order to avoid boring us they kindly go ape shit on each other. Sweet!

And here’s American Reunion. The 4,000th in the American Pie series and thankfully this time minus one Tara Reid. I can’t tell if this is being done to revive the franchise, revive flagging careers or just for the hell of it. Either way, enjoy watching Jason Biggs getting freaky with a tube sock!

The retro trailer this week is a real beauty. Watch if you dare. Survive if you can. NSFW dawgs.


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