Trailer Park Thursdays: Oscar Movie Baiting Time!

The summer movie season is over and done with and so it’s become that time of year when the movie studios decide that winning awards is more important than selling us 3D glasses. As such the movies hoping to win themselves and Oscar at next years Academy Awards start getting their releases reading in order to still be fresh in the voters minds when the awards finally come around. Usually these films rely on certain tropes that are lovingly referred to as “Oscar Bait”. This week we have 2 trailers for such films in the form of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and a trailer for J Edgar. Following those will be a trailer for a recent film I feel was robbed of the Best Picture award. Click the link yo!

First up is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. It’s the story of a boy who, whilst coping with his fathers death, decides to help others. The Oscar bait here is the fact that his father, played by the ever empathetic Tom Hanks, was killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Why? I have no idea. I don’t get why he couldn’t have died any other way other then to frame the film around current events. It’s a cheap trick to make people connect to something and give them the impression that the story is more important because of it’s association with such an event. God forbid they should just focus on the very Humanly relatable emotional hook of a normal death. Everyone knows someone that has died or suffered from an illness. Why not give Tom Hanks cancer? Why 9/11? Anyway, watch this. It looks fairly decent but if Sandra Bullock dares to suggest that God will help guide them through their troubles I’ll lose all interest. Oh and WARNING! This trailer features the music of U2.

Second we have J Edgar. The new film from Clint Eastwood who seems to be continuing his efforts to make everyone remember him for his directorial efforts rather than for being Dirty Harry or The Man With No Name. A damn fine director that’s for sure. This is of course the big important biopic style of Oscar bait. When watching this trailer ask yourself this… Why does old Leo DiCaprio look like Philip Seymour Hoffman?

And the film I feel was robbed of it’s Best Picture win. Disney Pixar’s Up of course. The 2009 Best Picture nominations were quite a controversial bunch. For a start there was 10 of them which felt like a big old everyone gets a go mentality had been introduced. Secondly, a lot of the films weren’t that special. Do you really think Inglourious Basterds, Avatar and The Blind Side deserved to be there? It was nice to see Up In The Air get a nod though. A very good film. Hurt Locker won that year, and it’s a good film, but it is nowhere near the storytelling, visual and emotional mastery that Up is. One day I will review this and it will be nothing but praise. It is Pixar’s best film and it deserves viewing by everyone.

My pick for next years Best Picture award is currently Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but I honestly think that the topical nature of the pure Oscar bait is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close will be too much for the Academy voters to resist. Tomas Alfredson deserves a Best Director nomination for sure too. Anyway, coming soon I shall have more reviews of films. Only one I know for sure is A Tale Of Two Sisters.


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