Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) Theatrical Trailer

So here it is. The first actual trailer for Human Centipede 2. Banned in the UK. Edited in the US. For some reason Australia are fine with it. So I guess I know where to get myself a copy from. That guy in the pic up there is Martin. he’s the guy who likes to wrap barbed wire around his cock… apparently. Anyway, click the jump to view the trailer!

I figure the black and white is for effect on this trailer. Doesn’t look like performances have been stepped up for this sequel but I’ll pass full judgment when I can get hold of a copy. Looks like a polar opposite of the first film design wise which i figured it would be. the sterile environs of Doctor Heiter are gone and in their place is a dirty concrete warehouse. Obviously when Martin was looking into how to make a Human Centipede he forgot all about the hygiene needed. Guess he wasn’t paying attention to the little story there was in the first film.


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