Trailer Park Thursday: Thriller Night!

No not that sort of Thriller night. A thriller night in the form of trailers for two thriller movies. Although I guess the choice of main picture was a bit misleading. Anyway, I have a new and very long trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo US remake, a trailer for the descriptively named Man On A Ledge and something retro-tastic! Click the jump yo!

SO first up will be The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Very much looking forward to this. Fincher hasn’t failed me yet, not even with Alien 3 and Panic Room. They’re at least better than most of the crap out there. This trailer is very heavy on the story and a few little spoilers. there’s also plenty of moments to remind you that Lisbeth likes the ladies. Daniel Craig is looking pretty spot on as Blomkvist and Rooney Mara is looking to be fitting Lisbeth’s knee high boots quite well. I can’t quite tell if the Sweedish accents are meant to be there or not though.

Next up is Man On A Ledge which is about a man who is stood on a ledge. This appears to be the latest attempt to convince us that Sam Worthington is some sort of star and not a generic shop floor mannequin with the amazing inability to hold any accent for longer than 5 words. He even loses it at multiple points in this trailer. Also note Elizabeth Banks making a pretty unconvincing looking negotiator and Jamie Bell still trying his best to make us forget that he was Billy Elliot. He is a damn good actor though to be fair. I should stress that I’m referring to Jamie Bell, not Sam Worthington. Sam is a terrible actor who’s barely one step above current industry low point Taylor Lautner. Oh, this film looks OK but nothing special. Nice idea though. Oh look, It’s Ed Harris.

So I’m giving this week a thriller theme so what better retro thriller movie trailer than Silence Of The Lambs. this is a pure classic early 90s film trailer. Everything about the editing, the music and the tone is straight out of that period. Also the film is easily one of the greatest crime thrillers and horror movies of all time. If you’ve never seen it then get around to it soon. Also, why the hell haven’t you seen it?

Coming up on The Film Dump review wise is Buried, which will be posted later tonight and of course, as always, Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Demon Womb. Also I’ll be picking up Satoshi Kon’s Paprika in a week or so.


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