The Thing Trailer, Now With Added Red Bands!

Occasionally I feel the need to post a trailer outside of The Trailer Park Thursdays thing I do. there are two reasons for this. I like to make finding new trailers on Thursday evening harder and I’m really looking forward to the film I’m posting the trailer for. Today we have a Red Band, which means not wussy for none US citizens, trailer for The Thing. The 2011 prequel to the 1982 film also called The Thing. Really not a helpful name. For one I’ll have to review it as “The Thing (2011)” which will make it look like a remake and also I’ll have to type 2011 and 1982 after any mention of either film. Pain in the arse. Anyway, watch this after the jump. it looks quite decent.

I’m quite liking that they’ve ketp a very John Carpenter-esque look to the creature effects in this. Really doesn’t look like it’s set in the early 80s though. Looks more like a prequel to a future remake of the Carpenter movie. Anyway I’m still looking forward to it and that’s what matters to me.


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