Trailer Park Thursdays: Coming Up With Different Names Each Week Is Tiresome Edition

Along with the difficulty of coming up with a unique name for the Trailer Park each week finding a main image is also tricky. I could just use a picture from one of the films I’m posting the trailer for but that seems too easy. Instead, for this week, here’s a picture of a turkey covered in bacon. Trailers this week are for Kenneth Lonergan’s much delayed Margaret, The teaser trailer for the Austrailian dvd release of Human Centipede 2 and something retro! Click the jump dawgs….

First up is Margaret. This film has been delayed for a number of years and it’s kinda hard to see why. Has a great cast which seems to include everyone in Hollywood which you’d think would be enough to sell the film to distributors. Most likely it’s been held up because it’s a film that’s actually about something, makes you think and has a fairly lengthy running time. It looks like an excellent film though. From what I understand this trailer only gives you the basics of the storyline. I’ll looks forward to seeing it when it eventually gets a UK release. It’ll be out in the US at the end of September.

Next up is Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence. The film has been blocked from release after being refused a certificate in the UK and is being released in a cut form in the US. For some reason in Australia (The country where adult gamers apparently don’t exist) the film is being released uncut. This trailer doesn’t show any actual film footage, it’s just a teaser, but it is quite cool to see a bunch of actors pretending to be offended by the film.

And lastly Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Why? Because the Blu-rays are out next week and I’ll be review all the films over the course of that week. God knows what I’ll be able to say about the prequels that hasn’t been said already but dammit I’ll try my best. The original trilogy should be fine though. Unless they did something really dumb like had Darth Vader shout “NOOOO!” when he throws Palpatine down that chasm.

Hopefully when enough people rage at Lucas he’ll be nice and release the none special edition versions of the original trilogy on blu-ray. I’d buy them. So anyway, Star Wars Saga next week. What else is to come? Legend Of The Demon Womb and one of the greatest cult… nay… greatest films of all time, The Big Lebowski!


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