Trailker Park Thursday: Shut Up Micheal Rapaport Edition

I swear Micheal Rapaport is who Odo in Star Trek Deep Space 9 was modeled on. The similar lack of defined human facial features is uncanny. Also when he talks I get annoyed. So the trailer for the new WWE film Inside Out really irritated me. Which I why I’m sharing it with you today. Also we’ll have the red band trailer for Our Idiot Brother which was just released Stateside and is apparently doing quite well. Also there shall be some retro trailer goodness.

So here’s the trailer for Inside Out which is about the 40th film with that title. It stars Paul “Triple H” Levesque who is not an actor as evidenced by Blade Trinity, The Chaperone and his ability to sell any move not done to him by HBK in a wrestling match. So this film has a pretty similar storyline to the Chaperone. Triple H get’s released from jail, want’s to win his daughter back and then shit goes down and he has to get action packed. The main difference is that this film is largely shot at night and it has Micheal Rapaport who may well have the most irritating voice in television. He also doesn’t shut up for half of this trailer. Enjoy!

Here’s the trailer for Our Idiot Brother which stars Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. More importantly it stars Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel who I will happily watch in anything. Heard it’s doing well and it’s not out here in the UK yet so I might see it if I keep hearing good things.

Lastly, I started with a WWE film so I’ll end with a WWE film, one of the first at that. Suburban Commando yo! Just think, this film stars not only Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd and The Undertaker!!! Also it’s where the classic Christopher Lloyd line “I was frozen today!” comes from.

Got a review coming up later tonight, hopefully another in a few days. Obviously the Star Wars films in just over a week too. But between that? I’m not sure. Might raid my dvd collection for inspiration. I believe The Dude would abide with that…


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