Trailer Park Thursday: Branching Out Edition

Look! It’s Harry Potter not looking like Harry Potter! That’s Daniel Radcliffe in a Horror film called The Woman In Black which I believe is released next year. The trailer is featured in this weeks Trailer Park along with Puncture, a Chris Evans starring legal drama about a junkie lawyer fighting a legal battle for medical peoples. Also I shall have another retro trailer featuring an actor who branched out in their career much like Evans and Radcliffe appear to be.

First up is the trailer for Puncture. Looks like a decent enough legal drama. Pretty good to see Chris Evans in a film that doesn’t involve blowing things up. He’s a decent actor who’s rarely placed in roles that allow him to show that off. I doubt he’ll get any major awards for this but it will at least show off his range a little better than Captain America did.

Next up is The Woman In Black, a period horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe. This is based on a book by Susan Hill and has been adapted to tv before now. This film adaptation looks pretty atmospheric and suitably creepy. that last shot is especially effective at sending chills up spins.

So in keeping with this theme of actors branching out into roles outside of their comfort zone I now present to you the trailer for Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. At some point in the early 90s someone told Sylvester Stallone to do comedies. For some reason he didn’t blow their head off with an M16 for suggesting such a stupid idea and instead starred in this piece of crap. Enjoy!

Coming up on The Film Dump… Well of course there’s still Urotsukidoji, you try making yourself watch that! I have Knucklehead and Machete to watch too. I did have a copy of Satoshi Kon’s Paprika on order but thanks to those idiotic rioters setting fire to the Sony DADC centre in London that looks to be put on hold. Those morons have probably caused an immeasurable amount of damage to the music and film industry by setting fire to that building. 205 indie record labels lost their stock in that fire not to mention Sony, Artificial Eye and BBC all losing stock. Twats. The lot of them.


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One response to “Trailer Park Thursday: Branching Out Edition

  • David

    I’m only a casual fan of the Harry Potter movies, but I’ve got to admit appreciation for Radcliffe’s skill and the fact that he’s kinda weird looking, and thus quite different from the standard British and Hollywood leading man. I saw him in a very high-quality made-for-TV film about Rudyard Kipling, where he played Kipling’s son, and he more than held his own against the veteran actors.

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