Trailer Park Thursday: Post Summer Movie Meltdown

So the summer movie season is at an end pretty much and so now I shall spend a few months struggling to find new trailers. Not this week though. First up is A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Follow that up with a totally not a Logan’s Run clone in the form of In Time and, as ever, I’ll end today’s post with some random retro goodness.

First Up A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Looks like they’re going all out for a full blown R rated piece of Christmas cheer. Hopefully a Red Band trailer for this is released soon because what’s the point of Harold & Kumar if it isn’t gonna be full of nudity and rudness.

Nest up is In Time, a film about a future society where people are pre-programmed to live for 25 years, when that time is up they must earn more time. Justin Timberlakes guy get’s given a load of extra time from someone that’s been alive for over a century and he sets out to shake up the system by giving away that time and shooting stuff. Looks like someone saw Logan’s Run and tried to put a twist on it. might be good. Might end up a bit of a mess like a lot of these films do, see Surrogates for example.

And lastly we have a Trailer for Planet Of The Apes. the 1968 film of course. Not the cinematic abortion directed by Tim Burton. Will hopefully be seeing Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes soon. Will post a review when I do.

Coming up for the film dump will be my review for How To Train Your Dragon, and eventually I will watch Urotsukidoji parts 1 and 2. Saw them years ago so you’ll understand why I haven’t put them on my highest priority. Also should be getting a copy of Satoshi Kon’s Paprika soon. Never seen that. Only ever heard good/weird things about it.


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