Trailer Park Thursday: Tinker Tailor Soldier Big Special Effects Movie Edition.

There’s a new trailer for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy out now so of course I’m featuring it here. It’s probably my most looked forward to real film of the year. By real film I mean one that isn’t a big dumb summer movie cos I geek quite hard for them. Also this week I’ll have the trailer for Red Tails and something retro!!!

First up Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This trailer focuses a lot more on the story of the film and the supporting cast. I finally caught a little of Sherlock the other day and I get the feeling Benedict Cumberbatch might become the new Alan Rickman. There’s something about his delivery that’s very deliberate and unique in much the same way as Rickman. Gary Oldman is doing his chameleon thing here again. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is out mid September.

Here’s the trailer for Red Tails which, whilst not directed by him, looks a hell of a lot like a George Lucas film. It’s directed by Anthony Hemingway but it really does have the Lucas stamp on it’s visuals and, it may be too early for me to say but, also in the delivery of lines from the various actors involved. There’s something a little unemotional and workmanlike about the performances as seen in this trailer. I’ll reserve full judgment until I see the film of course. Apparently hating on a film before seeing it isn’t considered the right thing to do as a reviewer.

Remember when George Lucas was involved in good films? Just in case you don’t here’s the trailer for Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Despite the hit and miss quality of the films over all I honestly think Indiana Jones was Lucas’ best character creation. I’d rather they didn’t keep trying to make new films with the near 70 year old Harrison Ford in them though. I know he defined the character but I see no reason why the Indy series can’t be treated like the James Bond films are with a new actor putting on that hat and wielding that whip every few years. As long as it keeps the character and period setting intact I don’t know what would be the harm. Also Lucas should not be allowed near it.

Coming up on The Film Dump over the next whenever the hell I feel like it… Inglourious Basterds, Human Centipede, Urotsukidoji Legend Of The Overfiend parts 1 & 2. Also, If I’m feeling flush of wallet maybe Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Hearing very good things about that. In other news James Gunn, director of Super, favorited a tweet I sent him about how much I liked Super. One day I’ll get an actual celebrity endorsement for this site.


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