Trailer Park Thursday: Random Collection Of Films Edition

I have no idea why I chose that image. Anyway, it’s late, it’s Thursday and it’s time for another Trailer Park! This week we have a potentially spoiler filled trailer for Dream House starring Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts. Also there’s a trailer for the 100% bonkers looking Bunraku which stars a whole bunch of people that pale in comparison to the films real star, GACKT!!! Also random retro trailer goodness. Click the jump yo!

No this Dream House film looks interesting. It seems to give away a major spoiler in the trailer but I get the feeling it’s just the hook the film is framed around from the very start. It looks like Daniel Craig has moved into Silent Hill. Also it’s nice to see Jet Girl in a film again. haven’t seen her in much for a while. I mean Naomi Watts of course.

Next up is the 100% pure bonkers but possibly awesome looking Bunraku. It’s got a cool Dick Tracy meets Japanese anime look to it. Also has quite the cast featuring Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Ron Pearlman and, most importantly, GACKT. I guess Rain was busy on the day of filming. Ooooooh BURN! I kid. Gackt is awesome too.

And finally a not very retro retro trailer for Park Chan-Wook’s I Am A Cyborg But That’s OK. I picked this mostly because Korean ubermensche Rain is in it. He’s also very good in the film. Well worth watching if you’ve never seen it. I’d say it;s second only to Oldboy in Chann-Wook’s filmography.

Coming up over, hopefully, the next week on The Film Dump will be reviews for The King, Urutsukidoji… or however it’s spelt and Captain America. Also Ip Man which will be up soon. I promise.


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