First Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!

Yes I know that pic isn’t Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, but let’s face it, we’d rather be getting a film about her. Now I’m not saying this’ll be shite but the trailer is a little underwhelming and there’s nothing that’ll shake the feeling that this film is unnecessary. Still, some people might be pretty hyped about this and there’s a few elements I do like. Click the link to see the trailer itself.

So yeah, there it is. The first person bit at the end, as everyone is saying, is very Mirror’s Edge. Never keen on first person stuff like that in films because it never feels right. As a human you know people don’t move that smoothly when running. Your vision jumps about and all sorts with every bump and undulation. When you see it going that smoothly on film there’s a disconnect. Still, it could be a showcase moment for the 3D during the film even if it is a mass of cgi.

Shame there’s no footage of Lizard either. Not even a whippy tail. Also I don’t get why it’s a story about Peter finding out what happened to his parents AND an origin. Plus without Uncle Ben dying how does Peter Parker learn to take up the responsibility his powers require? Hopefully something will be there in it’s place. If this was a film set later in his career as New York’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-man then the story abour looking for his parents would be fine. Plus you wouldn’t need to bog the film down with an origin everyone’s familiar with. Trust me Sony, every 5 year old on the planet has Raimi’s Spider-man on dvd.

This has the stink of design by committee. It’s like they looked at Spider-man and said “what do we need in a new starting film for this franchise?”. They then went and made this list.

1: New costume so people know it’s not Raimi’s Spidey.
2: UNCLE BEN! Everyone loves him. i heard he was real important so it’s a good idea to make sure he’s in the film!
3: We need a villain that hasn’t been done yet.
4: 3D for sure! Who makes films in 2D anymore?
5: MUST MUST MUST be an origin story. Our audience needs to know just how different this Spider-man franchise will be so we need to start all over.
6: Parker is an outsider
7: Parker get’s bitten by a Spider
8: ????
9: Profit

Series of tick boxes man. I just don’t get Hollywood’s aversion to just doing a story about a hero. I can understand if it’s the first big screen adaptation of a comic book hero such as with Iron Man or Thor but Spider-man certainly doesn’t need an origin. They got away with it with Batman Begins because we never actually got an origin story in Tim Burton’s films. They got away with it with the Thomas Jane version of The Punisher because it had been about 15 years and no-one saw the Dolph Lundgren film. Plus without Frank Castles origin just who is The Punisher? But here it is totally pointless.

Obviously the film can still turn out good. Plenty of films have had underwhelming trailers and come out fine. Remember the trailers for Pirates Of The Caribbean? It actually made it look like they were looking for an actual Black Pearl. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll see this and I’m sure it’ll at least be fun.

Why the hell is Parker wearing a hoodie like so emo twat? And does it look like Gwen Stacy is working in a lab? So wrong.


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