Awesome And Gory New Conan The Barbarian Clip!!

Well this is promising. Here’s a clip from the new Conan The Barbarian film due out in a few months. There’s no Jason Mamoa here but we do get a fair bit of violence. It’s not looking as much like a 300 clone as the Trailers have suggested. Also it’s pretty cool to see some nice thick blood spurting about. Getting so tired of this cgi spray and puff blood. That craps just not visually interesting. Click the jump to see the clip!

Looks pretty decent huh? Liking the properly big animal fur costumes too. I met Ron Pearlman once. He is pretty huge and I’d say that cloak he’s wearing only adds a little to his huge-itude. Hopefully this film will turn out to be a good shot in the arm of modern fantasy films. Getting bored of that shiny, brown, cgi heavy stuff we’ve been getting since 300 was a huge hit.


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