George C Scott Watches The Trailer for Jack And Jill

Look at him. He doesn’t have a clue what’s about to hit him. Poor guy’s all like “bring it on bitch”. I was gonna put this trailer in tomorrow’s Trailer Park Thursday post but then I saw this video of George C Scott watching the trailer. This is a way better way of presenting what I feel about this trailer than any words I could type would. Click the jump to see the video.

Looks painful don’t it? It’s amazing just how much of this dreadful idiotic crap gets made. Between this, The Zookeeper and Big Mamas House 3 (Out on dvd and blu-ray on Monday in the UK!) I just can’t help but despair for the level of intelligence of the general public. Are there really that many people that find this stuff funny enough to help it turn a profit and in turn spawn another such film?

My heart was warmed a little earlier in the year when I learned that, due to Old Dogs being considered too idiotic to make any money at all, the sequel to Wild Hogs had been canceled by Disney. I thought maybe a step in the right direction had been made. I guess not though.


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